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Saturday, August 16, 2014

NC Swamp Buster Duck Calls

NC Swamp Buster Duck calls are a series of calls that I have came up with that possess a slightly larger barrel bubble profile than most of my typical call styles.  'Not overdone' but just slightly.

These timber style calls excel in those hardwood swamps, impoundments and rivers.  The tad bit of extra body mass accounts for a call that is more mellow and produces softer, low-end duck talk.  Good for working ducks in tight quarters and for close-in calling.

I understand all too well the facets associated with hunting swamps and impoundments while wading in chest high water and battling briars and cat-claws.  I also realize this style of duck hunting awards the hunter with a stump hole on occasion whereby we take unwanted swims from time to time.  Thus the NC Swamp Buster series possess a deeper, more prominent lanyard groove ensuring your call stays where its supposed to during such feats ~ on your lanyard~.

All of these calls in this series are finished with 3-4 applications of a proprietary oil finish, so certainly can be hunted with--no worries there.

Check em out over at NC Swamp Buster duck calls page at

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Thumbtack referal

So I have recently became a member of the thumbtack community for various woodworking referrals for wooden design builds, custom builds, giftings, renovations, etc;

Quacky Calls

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Custom gouges for Woodturning

Doug, owner of Thompson Lathe Tools,, is an awesome metallurgist and machinist.  He makes all sorts of cool tools for woodturners such as fingernail, spindle and bowl gouges, skews and the like.  He is an all around good guy that doesn't mind helping people and answering your emails.   

I just fit one of my tools purchased from him with a wooden, White Oak handle and am absolutely loving the quality of cuts and the overall quality of the tooling.  You can tell just by holding the tooling that it is quality.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

QC- short for Quacky Calls (may be written on some duck and turkey calls)

You might have stumbled in because you are attempting to determine who is behind QC on the duck calls, turkey calls and turkey trumpets.  If you have a call in hand with the identifier QC written somewhere upon the call then you have found the 'guy who makes them.'  That is my shorthand for Quacky Calls. 

Visit my website to view calls and to learn more about us.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Where we live? the calls that is.

  I am excited to announce that this is my seventh year of offering handcrafted, custom duck and turkey calls to hunters and sportsmen abroad.  It is a neat feeling knowing that many of my calls are in various states across America.

Presently I have calls strung across America and residing in the following states:  

North Carolina          South Carolina          Washington          Florida          Utah          Maryland          Michagan          Texas          Oklahoma          Arizona          Nebraska          Minnesota          Delaware          Louisiana          Arkansas          Canada          Saskatchewan      Tennessee

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Curly Maple used for duck and turkey calls

Fiddleback Maple

Why use Curly Maple for game calls?

Curly Maple, also known as Fiddleback Maple, Tiger Striped Maple, Flame Maple and even Tiger Maple create one of kind duck and turkey calls due to the variance of each and every individual piece of wood.  The wood has chatoyant streaks associated with the wood's medullary rays which run perpendicular to the wood grain orientation.

Fiddleback Maple has been used extensively on the backs of high end Acoustic Guitars and Fiddles for years.  Hence, "Fiddleback Maple".

It is also used by callmakers for this very same reason.  There is a deep appreciation for the alternating 'light to dark' and 'dark to light' rays that are in the wood, when viewed by many lovers of wood.  These alternating colorations create intriguing duck and turkey calls that are truly one of kind.  This type of figuring is not found throughout an entire Maple tree but rather select parts of the tree.  Another facet adding to it's value whether monetary or instrumental.

Fiddleback Maple Duck Call
One of the ways in which these intriguing distinguishing features are created within the grain's composition is by the effects of wind on a select region or portion of a Maple tree.  This wind is imposed upon a tree that is located on the edge of a woodsline or either a lone tree without any cover from wind.  A select portion of the tree is continually being 'swayed back and forth or either up and down' by this wind.  It is this stretching and contracting of the wood at the cellular level that creates this unique feature amongst the medullary rays.

-Extend your arm straight out to your side and wave it up and down rather gently and notice the extension and contraction of the muscle fibers at the top of your shoulder

This is basically what is occurring to a Maple tree's region whereby this type of wood composition is being produced.  It takes some time for this figuring to occur.

The product found within a harvested tree that contains this figuring is truly something that nature itself has made.  How neat to own a personal duck or turkey call that contains elements of itself that only nature can create.

- chris

Monday, May 28, 2012

Woods Utilized in Game Calls

Some of the wood species that I use here at Quacky Calls to handcraft, one of kind, custom duck and turkey calls are derived from one of three categories of wood identifiers.  Those three categories are native, non-native and exotic woods.

Some choices you have to choose from are:

Native Woods used:

Spalted Maple
Fiddleback Maple
Ambrosia Maple
Osage Orange (Bois de' Arc)
Cedar (Eastern)
Black Cherry
Texas Mesquite
Black Walnut
Black Locust

Exotic Woods used:

Jatoba (Brazillian Cherry)
Katalox (Mexican Ebony)

Visit this portion of my site for photos of these species mentioned.

take care, Chris